Work package 8: Dissemination, Exploitation and Communication

Leader: Dr. Gary Randall, undefinedStroke Alliance for Europe



Main objective

Our main objective is to disseminate and exploit the results generated in PRECIOUS in the most efficient ways by:


  • Raising public and scientific awareness of the project and treatment of acute stroke in the elderly
  • Facilitating networking and mutual communication both to the scientific community and the general public.
  • Reaching all potential clinical, scientific, and non-scientific audiences groups.
  • Ensuring efficient exploitation of the project results.
  • Providing accurate and reliable results to inform evidence-based recommendations by national and European stroke guideline committees.
  • Providing health-economic evaluations to governmental bodies and policy makers.



Description of the tasks

This WP will disseminate information about this trial’s treatment of the common complications of stroke. We will describe the trial itself to a largely scientific audience, but will also inform the wider public, patient groups and all relevant stakeholders about the trial progress, results and consequences for stroke treatment and health policy.


Specific strands of work will address:


Dissemination – ongoing multiple activities covering newsletter, website, scientific paper and other media production, along with increasing awareness of the trial details and results by engagement with various audiences at workshops, conferences and public events.


Exploitation – our major exploitable output will be the influence PRECIOUS could have on stroke treatment guidelines in each country represented in the consortium. All lead partners per country will be able to provide governmental bodies and policy makers with data on the cost-effectiveness of treatment. Our hope is that if PRECIOUS demonstrates the benefit of one or more of the treatments tested, clinicians across Europe can decide to incorporate these into clinical practice immediately because the three drugs tested in PRECIOUS are off-patent, cheap, and already generally available.


Communication – this task will develop a strong project identity for PRECIOUS, primarily to underpin good public relations of the trial but also to encourage cohesion amongst project partners. Central to this will be a public-friendly project website, supplemented by other undefinedsocial media channels and a standardized design style for all project outputs.


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