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The undefinedTartu University Hospital is the leading academic hospital in Estonia which is the major reference centre serving to the residents of Tartu and entire Estonia. The stroke unit at the Department of Neurology at the Tartu University Hospital is the first stroke unit (SU) organised in Estonia covering all areas of stroke prevention and acute care. The catchment area for emergency stroke patients is the population of 200 000. The Department of Neurology and Neurosurgery, University of Tartu, is the leader of stroke research and development in Estonia. As an academic centre, the SU is a pioneer and leader of intravenous (iv) thrombolysis of ischaemic stroke in Estonia. The percentage of iv thrombolysis is currently 25%. From 2011 acute stroke treatment with mechanical thrombectomy was introduced. The staff of the Department of Neurology, Tartu University Hospital, is involved in teaching practical neurology for undergraduate students, residents of neurology and for other medical specialties. The Department of Neurology with its stroke unit is the main base for continuous medical education in neurology, including stroke, in Estonia.


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