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Dr. Gary Randall

Dr. Gary Randall

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Stroke Alliance for Europe (SAFE)


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Sandra Jackson

Sandra Jackson


Institute presentation

undefinedSAFE is the leading European network of stroke support organisations. It was launched in October 2004 via a European Parliament initiative calling upon the EU Union member states to tackle stroke as a preventable disease.


SAFE is non-profit-making and has 26 member organisations spread over 22 countries. It represents a range of patient groups whose mutual goals include promoting awareness and understanding of stroke; promoting stroke prevention; giving a voice to stroke survivors and their families; and campaigning for better stroke care and support for stroke research.


SAFE is therefore a role model for the undefinedWorld Stroke Organisation in establishing stroke support organisations on a global level.


SAFE currently has the role of patient support, patient representative and project dissemination in the FP7 clinical trial projects undefinedEuroHYP-1 and undefinedWAKE-UP and was a member of EU funded undefinedEuropean Stroke Network.


Main tasks attributed in the project:


SAFE will contribute to undefinedWP8 (Dissemination) in which it will primarily have responsibility for multi-channel communication of the project, via outreach to patient representative bodies and the relevant wider public in the stroke community.


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