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Partner 5 - ECRIN

Prof. Jacques Demotes Logo ECRIN

Prof. Jacques Demotes


Principal Investigator


Phone: +33 1 80 05 86 46






European Clinical Research Infrastructure Network (ECRIN)


3 Rue Watt

75013 Paris





Audrey Strader


WP 4 Leader

Clinical Operations Manager, ECRIN


Phone: +33 1 80 05 86 45





European Correspondents

Ron de Winter

Ron de Winter


European Correspondent for The Netherlands, ECRIN


Phone: +31 88 75 551 53



Lucia Palmisano


European Correspondent for Italy, ECRIN


Valentina Cabral Iversen


European Correspondent for Norway, ECRIN


Amélie Michon


European Correspondent for France, ECRIN


Timea Molnar


European Correspondent for Hungary, ECRIN


Anke Strenge-Hesse


European Correspondent for Germany, ECRIN

Cezary Szmigielski


European Correspondent for Poland, ECRIN


Institute presentation

The European Clinical Research Infrastructure Network (ECRIN-ERIC, is a sustainable, not-for-profit, distributed infrastructure providing operational, coordinated services in the conduct of multinational clinical research projects in Europe. ECRIN is based on the connection of national networks of clinical research centres and clinical trials units. ECRIN has an “ERIC” (European Research Infrastructure Consortium) legal status, since November 2013.


ECRIN was developed as the ESFRI-roadmap infrastructure supporting multinational trials in Europe. ECRIN started in 2004, matured through four European Union Framework Programme 6 and Framework Programme 7 projects and became a sustainable organisation (ECRIN-ERIC, the ESFRI-roadmap infrastructure supporting multinational trials in Europe) in 2013, with two main activities:


i) Capacity – in charge of developing, both at national and pan-European level, the capacity to manage multinational trials in Europe, including quality assurance, certification of partner centres, regulatory and ethical expertise, development of common tools (monitoring strategies etc.), training, expansion, and international cooperation.

ii) Operations – in charge of operational support in the conduct of multinational trials in Europe by coordinating the services of national partners (networks of clinical trials units) and certified data centres.


European Correspondents, hosted in each national hub, act as the interface between ECRIN and the national network for both capacity development and coordination of the clinical trial operations.


ECRIN began providing services to multinational trials in 2009, and it currently has a portfolio of 23 multinational clinical projects running in more than 20 countries. ECRIN is also currently running the undefinedECRIN-Integrating Activities project (funded by the European Union Framework Programme 7, grant agreement number 284395), covering 23 countries, whose main objective is to structure its user communities. ECRIN thus provides access to the European patient population and medical expertise, and takes advantage of existing academic national capacities and expertise to manage multinational clinical trials.


ECRIN has been involved in several projects or initiatives on clinical trial regulation aiming to facilitate international cooperation in clinical research (ICREL, ESF, OECD).


Main tasks attributed in the project:


ECRIN will lead undefinedWP4 (Monitoring). Once the ECRIN Scientific Board has agreed on the clinical trial protocol, ECRIN will provide the requested coordinated operational services supporting trial management in multiple countries, including local site monitoring and central coordination of the monitoring services.


Each national scientific partner of ECRIN will provide local services in its respective country, whereas the ECRIN partner in the sponsor`s country–The Netherlands–will provide coordination of the monitoring activities for the whole study as lead clinical trial unit (project management and central monitoring). The ECRIN European Correspondents hosted by the coordinating entity of each national ECRIN partner ensure the set-up and the coordination of the multinational monitoring services provided.


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