University of Thessaly

Dr. George Ntaios

Dr. George Ntaios

Principal Investigator

PRECIOUS Team University of Thessaly

Dr. Konstantinos Makaritsis

Dr. Konstantinos Makaritsis


Institute presentation

Our center is an academic department which admits ~200 patients with acute stroke on an annual basis; of them> 95% are >65 years of age. In addition, our site has participated in several clinical trials both as an Investigatory sire and as the National Coordinating Center for Greece exhibiting excellent recruitment rate.

Main tasks attributed in the project:

The main tasks of our center are:

To act as the National Coordinating site in Greece

To recruit investigatory sites in Greece

To assist the Greek investigatory sites during the trial

To act as an investigatory site and recruit patients into the trial, collect necessary data and perform follow-up assessments