Erasmus MC

Prof. Diederik Dippel

Principal Investigator

Phone: +31 (10) 7043979

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Erasmus MC, university medical center Rotterdam (part of Erasmus University Rotterdam) is committed to a healthy population and excellence in healthcare through research and education ( It excels in various research fields, studying fundamental and clinical domains as well as public health and prevention. Research at Erasmus MC is at the heart of society, resulting in innovation, quality improvement and more effectiveness in patient care. Erasmus MC is in the top ten of best medical institutes in Europe (QS World University Ranking 2014). It participated in 165 FP7 projects of the European Commission and it hosts 20 ERC grantees. 

Every day, more than 10,000 dedicated employees are contributing to our results in cure, care, research and education.

The overall research aim of Erasmus MC is to translate bench discoveries to bedside applications. Its annual research budget amounts to € 139.7 million. Innovative companies are set up based on our scientific results and existing companies start new developments based on our discoveries. The impact of Erasmus MC on the Dutch economy is substantial: in 2012, it contributed € 3.8 billion gross value added (GVA) tot the Dutch economy and it indirectly supported 40,556 jobs. Bibliometrics indicators place Erasmus MC in the top 20 of clinical medicine worldwide; its publications are cited 1.75 times the world average.

In addition to scientific research, patient care and education are core tasks of Erasmus MC. It is the top referral center for the region of about five million inhabitants. The complete spectrum of medicine is offered, from disease to health and from individual to public healthcare. Erasmus MC is also the largest medical school in the Netherlands, with 3,100 medical students and 234 PhD graduations in 2013. It offers BSc, MSc and PhD programs to train the next generation of medical practitioners and researchers. Together, the students and employees at Erasmus MC improve the individual patient care and public health of tomorrow.