Prof. Jacques Demotes

Prof. Jacques Demotes

Principal Investigator

Leader WP 4

Phone: +33 1 80 05 86 46



Marta del Alamo, PhD, MSc

Project Manager

Phone: +33 1 80 05 86 45

European Correspondents

Elena Toschi

European Correspondent for Italy, ECRIN

Sigrun Hjelle

European Correspondent for Norway, ECRIN

Jimena Bouzas

European Correspondent for France, ECRIN

Zsolt Szabo

European Correspondent for Hungary, ECRIN

Linda Stoehr

European Correspondent for Germany, ECRIN

Maciej Janiec

European Correspondent for Poland, ECRIN

Institute presentation

ECRIN-ERIC is a European Research Infrastructure facilitating multinational clinical research, through the provision of advice and services for the set-up and management of investigator or SME led clinical studies in Europe. ECRIN unites national networks of clinical trial units across Europe, through its scientific partners, to fulfil its vision of generating scientific evidence to optimise medical practice. By supporting clinical trials across borders and advising and implementing policy, ECRIN advances knowledge flow, competitiveness and integration in European clinical research.

Main tasks attributed in the project:

ECRIN led WP4 (Monitoring). Once the ECRIN Scientific Board had agreed on the clinical trial protocol, ECRIN provided the requested coordinated operational services supporting trial management in multiple countries, including local site monitoring and central coordination of the monitoring services.

Each national scientific partner of ECRIN provided local services in its respective country. Coordination was organized between ECRIN and the sponsor UMC – The Netherlands – which provided coordination of the monitoring activities for the whole study as lead clinical trial unit (project management and central monitoring).