The PRECIOUS consortium consisted of a variety of experts in stroke research from 11 European countries. The researchers involved in PRECIOUS have already successfully collaborated on other occasions, e.g. as far as other research projects or scientific publications are concerned.

PRECIOUS Consortium

PRECIOUS Consortium, Kick-Off Meeting, Utrecht 2015

Ethics Advisory Board (EAB)

PRECIOUS was supported by an external Ethics Advisory Board. It consisted of experts representing the key areas of the project:

Prof. Kennedy Lees, University of Glasgow (Chair)

Antonia Nucera / Manuela Messmer-Wullen, SAFE

Prof. Martin Dennis, University of Edinburgh

Dr. Ghislaine J.M.W. van Thiel, UMC Utrecht

Data and Safety Monitoring Board (DSMB)

The Data and Safety Monitoring Board that oversaw the work of the PRECIOUS consortium consisted of the following experts:

Prof. Werner Hacke, University of Heidelberg (Chair)

Prof. Peter Langhorne, University of Glasgow

Prof. Matthias Gondan, University of Copenhagen