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Photo of female doctor giving advice to a female patientEU and industry-funded researchers have split type 2 diabetes into subgroups and are working on a tool to personalise treatment for the disease. Their aim is to help patients get the best possible care for their specific condition and cut public health costs.
Photo of the app in useType 1 diabetes develops in childhood, requiring constant - often painful - management from the start. EU-funded researchers are testing an artificial pancreas that could transform the quality of life of youngsters suffering from the disease.
illustration of a group of doctorsTo answer the question of why diabetic patients are more susceptible to developing tuberculosis, the EU-funded TANDEM project linked leading European laboratories with field sites in TB-endemic countries such as Indonesia.
illustration of a group of doctorsEU-funded researchers have developed computer models that accurately predict and monitor the progression of metabolic syndrome and its associated diseases. This advance may result in new therapies for diabetes, hyperlipidemia, liver disease and more.
The European Commission’s Scientific Advice Mechanism (SAM) Group of Chief Scientific Advisors has today published a statement providing ‘a scientific perspective on the regulatory status of products derived from gene editing, and the implications for the GMO Directive’.
ImageNovel solutions for monitoring air quality and ultraviolet radiation are set to emerge from an EU-funded project that will harness unprecedentedly detailed data from new Earth-observation satellites.
ImageAn EU-funded project has developed a game-changing physical activity programme held at professional football clubs that motivates overweight fans to get moving and lead healthier lives. Its goal is to help prevent chronic diseases among middle-aged men and cut public healthcare costs.
ImageMost vaccines need to be kept cool during transport and storage, but this can be hard to accomplish. EU-funded researchers keen to tackle this healthcare challenge have developed heat-tolerant and even needle-free formulations of an HIV-1 vaccine candidate. They expect their processes to work for many other vaccines as well.
ImageA team of EU-funded researchers from seven countries is working to discover hidden links between Alzheimer's disease and stroke in order to improve the prevention and treatment of these intertwined conditions.

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