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EUROPA - Research What's New in Health and life sciences. This RSS feed includes the most recent updates to the European Commission's Research and Innovation web site on Europa in the area of Health and life sciences. The last (or, in some news readers, the first) item of this feed will take you to the Health research and innovation web site. For more RSS news feeds visit
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The Scientific Panel for Health, SPH, was established under Horizon 2020 as ‘a science-led stakeholder platform which elaborates scientific input, [expected to] provide a coherent scientific focused analysis of research and innovation bottlenecks and opportunities related to [health], contribute to the definition of [its] research and innovation priorities, and encourage Union-wide scientific participation’

Under its mandate, the SPH has organized conferences and workshops with stakeholders to formulate recommendation on how European health research could be made more impactful and contribute to better health.

The aim of this webinar is to present and discuss the SPH recommendations for health research in Europe, as developed in SPH events with extensive stakeholder engagement during the SPH’s mandate of the past 5 years.

ImageUnder the EU-funded project REMIX, researchers from Europe and Asia have joined forces to turn natural textile and food fibres, including silk and shells, into cutting-edge medical applications such as prosthetics and human tissue repair.
ImageKiedy WHO ogłosiła pandemię choroby COVID-19, naukowcy pracujący w ramach finansowanego przez UE projektu badawczego natychmiast podjęli wyzwanie. BioExcel, jedno z wiodących europejskich centrów obliczeniowych badań biomolekularnych, niezwłocznie udostępnił swoje superkomputery oraz nowatorskie oprogramowanie. To znaczna pomoc w walce z koronawirusem dla naukowców i innowatorów z całej Europy.
ImageWhen COVID-19 was declared a global pandemic by the WHO, an EU funded research project immediately stepped up to the plate. BioExcel, one of Europe's leading centres for computational biomolecular research, gave priority access to its supercomputing facilities and cutting-edge software. This will help researchers and innovators across Europe in the fight against coronavirus.
ImageNär WHO förklarade covid-19 som en global pandemi, tog ett EU-finansierat forskningsprojekt genast sig an utmaningen. BioExcel, ett av Europas ledande centrum för databaserad biomolekylär forskning, gav forskare prioriterad tillgång till dess superdatoranläggningar och banbrytande mjukvara. Det kommer att hjälpa forskare och innovatörer över hela Europa i kampen mot coronaviruset.
ImageQuando l'OMS ha dichiarato la Covid-19 pandemia globale, un progetto di ricerca finanziato dall'UE ha preso in mano la situazione. BioExcel, tra i principali centri europei di ricerca biomolecolare computazionale, ha dato accesso prioritario alle sue strutture di supercalcolo e ai suoi software all'avanguardia. Ciò aiuterà i ricercatori e gli innovatori di tutta Europa nella lotta al coronavirus.
ImageQuand l'OMS a déclaré la COVID-19 comme une pandémie mondiale, un projet de recherche financé par l'UE a pris ses responsabilités. BioExcel, un important centre de recherche en biologie moléculaire computationnelle d'Europe, a accordé un accès prioritaire à ses supercalculateurs et à son logiciel de pointe. Ces technologies aideront les chercheurs et les innovateurs à lutter contre le coronavirus.
ImageCuando la OMS declaró la pandemia de COVID-19, un proyecto de investigación financiada con fondos europeos aceptó el reto de inmediato. BioExcel, un centro líder de investigación biomolecular computacional de Europa, dio acceso prioritario a sus instalaciones de supercomputación y «software» de vanguardia. Esto ayudará a los investigadores e innovadores de Europa en la lucha contra el coronavirus.
ImageAls COVID-19 von der WHO zur globalen Pandemie erklärt wurde, wurde ein EU-finanziertes Forschungsprojekt ins Leben gerufen. BioExcel, ein führendes europäisches Zentrum für computergestützte biomolekulare Forschung, gewährte vorrangigen Zugang zu seinen Supercomputer-Einrichtungen und modernster Software. Das wird der Forschung und Innovation in ganz Europa im Kampf gegen das Coronavirus helfen.

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